Barcelona pull out of La Liga: Blaugrana ready to activate fourth economic lever

Barcelonasummer contracts remain unregistered in La Liga, even if the club is adamant that the measures they have already taken this off-season should allow them to sign the players they brought in.

Joan Laportaits board and their advisers constantly maintained that they had done what was necessary to register their new players, but there were disagreements between the club and La Liga.

On Monday, the Catalans insisted that the fourth economic lever did not need to be activated, as they felt they had already done enough. Their auditors also told them the same thing.

But Barcelona backed off and have since decided to activate the fourth economic lever and sell 25 percent of Barca Studios.

In theory, this should allow new arrivals to be registered, as well as facilitate their relocation to a new place of residence. Mark Alonso.

Now it is expected that Barcelona will establish work on Tuesday and bring another 100 million euros. They have already sold 49 percent of Barca Studios.

Barcelona Finance

Blaugrana insist they don’t need to sell players to sign up new players, although that could help.

Outside, Barcelonathe situation continues to look alarming.


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