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Ronald Koemanfuture as Barcelona The head coach has been in serious doubt following the club’s 3-0 defeat to Benfica in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League group stage on Wednesday night. This comes after weeks of speculation that Barcelona the president Joan Laporta would like to part with the Dutchman, with Andrea Pirlo and Roberto Martinez already associated with the capture. In this live blog we bring you the latest updates Koeman, Laporta and Barcelona

Koeman’s future and Laporta’s decision live

This is the start of our live blog on the current situation in Barcelona with Koeman and Laporta. As always, the most recent entries.

11:30 BST: Who should be Barcelona’s next coach?

Given that Andrea Pirlo, Xavi Hernandez and Roberto Martinez are the leaders who will replace Ronald Koeman if he is fired by Ronald Koeman, let us know who you would like to see at the Camp Nou.

11:00 BST: Coeman’s layoff price

As Francesc Aguilar points out via El Pais, it will cost 12 million euros to fire Ronald Koeman from Barcelona, ​​a very high figure given the club’s current dire financial situation.

10:45 BST: Uncertainty with next coach

As Hota Jordi said last night on El Chiringuito, there are different opinions on how to proceed after Koeman in Barcelona. Joan Laporta wants to attract Andrea Pirlo, while Assistant Sports Director Jordi Cruyff has supported Roberto Martinez. Meanwhile, the Barcelona board would like to see Xavi Hernandez as head coach. It looks like these are the three names in question.

10:20 BST: Troubled stats

Barcelona were beaten 3-0 by Bayern Munich in the first round of the Champions League, followed by a 3-0 defeat away from Benfica on Wednesday night, so this is the first time they have failed to score in their first match. two games in European competition.

10:00 BST: Meetings will continue today

Joan Laporta, Mateu Alemani, Rafa Yuste and Enric Masip discussed the future of Ronald Koeman until 4am, according to Sport, but no firm decision was made. According to MARCA’s Alejandro Segura, the meeting will resume today.

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