Barcelona in a white jersey? It’s a shame… White is Real Madrid.”


Barcelona in a white shirt? It’s a shame… White people are Real Madrid.”

Barcelona, ​​who wore a white shirt in the past, will wear it again next season.

The news that Barcelona will be wearing white next season, unsurprisingly, sparked a heated discussion on social media.

The newspaper “Sport” reported that the new white form will be one of the best-selling in the history of the club.

Having said that, many Barcelona fans disagree. Jota Jordi, a journalist working for the TV program El Chiringuito, was outraged by the decision. “Barcelona ever played in white? I don’t care! The white jersey belongs to Real Madrid.The journalist from Barcelona continued to rant for a while. Barcelona in a white jersey? It’s a shame,” said Jota Jordi.

“You have to respect certain things. You have to respect the history of the clubs and the feelings of the people,” insisted Jota Jordi. “The Barcelona badge over the white Real Madrid jersey is a disgrace and I hope no one buys it,” he said.

It is true that this is not the first time Barcelona has worn white: until the 1970s, Barcelona regularly wore white, even winning the Latin American Cup final in Paris against Nice in 1952.

The last player to wear a white Bar shirt was Johan Cruyff in the 1977/78 season.


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