Barbón launches political offensive against ‘unacceptable’ criticism of the Atlantic Corridor – EFE News


Oviedo (EFE).- The President of the Principality, Adrián Barbón, has indicated that his government will launch a “political offensive” coordinated with the communities of the northwest to defend the Atlantic corridor against the “inadmissible and inadmissible” positions of the sectors of activity of the Levant that they ask that this project be “abandoned” in favor of the Mediterranean axis.

“The merchants of the Levant will find us, if they look for us they will find us. You cannot be more indifferent and more unfair in the proceedings, ”the head of the Asturian executive said this Friday, in statements to journalists.

This was stated in response to the president of the pressure group Ferrmed ​​​​​​, Joan Amorós, who estimated this week that investments are not allocated to sections where there is more freight traffic, as in the case of Spain would be the Mediterranean Corridor, which is “where the real traffic is”.

Solidarity between territories

“Enough of being so unfavorable. The Spanish project must be built on an aspect of solidarity between territories,” Barbón said during his visit to the town of Vegadeo after assuring that the execution of the Atlantic Corridor is a “matter of justice”.

After arguing that Asturias “in its small territory” has one of the best rates for the transport of goods, the President of the Principality insisted that he will demand its implementation from the central government, which has reserved a position in the 2023 general budget for the start of its development.

“I do not think there can be a return to the past”, underlined Barbón, in this sense, who underlined that, faced with the positions of this group of businessmen, the Principality sees the development of the Mediterranean axis as “good and sufficient”.

The regional president insisted that Spain “cannot be built against each other”, but on the basis of “harmonious development”.

The Asturian Federation of Entrepreneurs (FADE) also responded yesterday to the statements of the president of Ferrmed ​​​​​​and assured that the Atlantic corridor deserves the “same opportunities” as the Mediterranean axis, since it is “a country project” and not “a regional plan”. EPE


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