Bárbara Rey was destroyed by Sofía Cristo’s harshest confession: “I have been sexually abused for 5 years”

Only need a few procedures ‘A story no one knows’ Has become a big novelty on the screen. This Tuesday was a very stressful night in the show. This time it was introduced by Carlos Sobera, because one of his contestants opened the channel and confessed a very painful secret. Sofía Cristo was the first person to face the lifeline, One of the most intense tests.

Sofía Cristo is the first person to face the curve of life / Telecinco

Before taking the marker, DJ warned that the secret she wanted to confess was not the secret she protected during the game. His mother Barbara Rey doesn’t even know him, Who appeared on the set. But before reaching his point, he shared his first happy memories, yes, but his parents did not fall in love either. Things changed when he became aware of the abuse his mother suffered at the hands of his father Ángel Cristo. «My memory began at 5 years old. I remember i was always scaredFor abuse… My relationship with my father is very good, but I remember seeing bad treatment at home because We always thought he would kill her. For me, it is a kind of liberation for them to separate», and she is obviously nervous.

This allowed Barbara and her two children to have a difficult time because the lion trainer had nothing. «This is not entirely a good thing, because he took all the furniture from the house in La Moraleja, I remember I asked him why he took everything away, and he had nothing. We have a mattress that can sleep three of us. Empty mansion, no light is my light».After taking a breath, he continued his narration: «Yes Many chapters of violence. See how my father left my mother. I remember once my mother came to see us secretly because my father refused to let her. We spent the day with her, and when we got home, he arrived very early, he was in a living room with an orange sofa, very angry, he went out to find her and chased the car in Madrid».

Sophia Christ
The young woman recalled the abuse her mother suffered at the hands of her father Ángel Cristo / Telecinco

And his confession, although it has made people creepy, but the harshest words are also coming. «We live in the house with my mother, in that orange room, one day I will be alone, I can’t say who it is, and I will never say, For 5 years, I have been sexually abused by that person. But I didn’t know what it was until I grew up. I didn’t realize whether this would affect me until I grew up.I never told my mother or my brother because He is someone very close to us ».

At this point, Sofia continued her narration until Carlos Sobera saw Barbara Rey in the state he was listening to her and stopped her. Sorry, my daughter! Honey, why don’t you tell me? “The artist asked her worriedly. She wanted to comfort her and said: “I am fine now, at the best moment in my life. I am the happiest person in the world,” Sophia said. She has been unable to calm her mother.

Barbara Rey
This story broke Barbara Rey/Telecinco

Rey’s sobs entered the second set, and Sobella was also very excited at this time and had to put away her tears and gave a very applauding speech: «Sophia, you will never be blamed. What you have done is great because there are so many people who have been sexually abused and have not said it. What you are doing is setting an example. A bloody role model for the whole society. I can’t sit still now, sorry.No regrets I am very proud, because this country needs people like you who have two balls in the right place! “

Both the host and his mother did not hesitate to express all their support to Sophia Christo, who was called brave for sharing terrible experiences on social networks.

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