Bar Refaeli: “Fashion is a rollercoaster”


Madrid (EFE).- With a career spanning more than twenty years in the fashion world, Israeli model Bar Refaeli is a timeless icon: “Fashion is a roller coaster, sometimes you can be up or down, but the important thing is to treat the people around you well,” he told EFE in an interview.

If her first appearance on television dates back to the age of five for an advertisement, it was only at the age of fifteen that she made her debut as a professional model. Since then, more than two decades have passed full of work with the most important titles and companies in the world. “Fashion helped me be who I am.”

“I have never been a thin model and I have never pretended to be, my references have always been healthy women like Mónica Bellucci or Laetitia Casta”, adds model Bar Refaeli (Israel, 1985 ) in an interview, who claimed this pleasure while working with Elle McPherson for Louis Vuitton.

With covers for headlines like Sports Illustrated or Elle and campaigns for brands like Garnier, the model remains one of the most coveted in a profession that, time and time again, is defined by its volatility. “In fashion, success is a combination of many factors, including luck and very hard work.”

Israeli model Bar Refaeli poses next to the 2018 Giro d’Italia trophy, in Safra Square in Jerusalem (Israel). EFE/Abir Sultan

his mother’s advice

“The best advice of my life was given to me by my mother, and that is to treat everyone the same, whether it’s the best photographer in the world or a waiter,” says the model, for whom the humility becomes a decisive axis. to success in fashion, a field in which “all is not as glamorous as it often seems”.

It is this principle that he tries to capture through his Instagram, where he has three and a half million followers. “It’s important that people know that real life is not what you see from the outside”, explains Bar Refaeli, who specifies that he “wouldn’t have social networks if it weren’t for not for work”, so he tries “not to give it too much importance”.

He agrees that it is a powerful tool in the industry, especially for those new to the industry. “I was very lucky in a world without Instagram, where it was harder for them to see you. I was lucky because the world is full of beautiful girls.

The platform becomes a gateway to the world and also a window on diversity, which is increasingly present in the industry. “The type of role model I’ve always aspired to is those women who look healthy and happy with their bodies,” he happily details.

Although her beginnings almost paralleled the “heroine chic” trend of the 90s when fashion advocated extreme thinness with icons such as Kate Moss or her predecessor Gia Carangi, the model believes that “there has always been room for other types of women who had more bodies, in the end they are canons that change,” she underlines,

New projects

Bar Refaeli, who has been in Spain for a few days due to the collaboration with the shoe company Xti, whose campaign he plays, is immersed in a project that “will soon see the light and is not related to fashion” , a field in which neither of them excludes launching their own label projects, always faithful to their way of approaching this field.

“I believe that in fashion, less is always more. We should invest in clothes that last longer and not in others that are no longer used after two years,” explains the Israeli model, who is currently associated with companies with which she shares “the energy and the ways of apprehending fashion”, in this case, for convenience.

“One of the good things the pandemic has left us with is that we understand fashion in a different way, we seek comfort instead of suffering to be well dressed,” he says.


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