Banksy’s iconic painting that self-destructs is up for sale again

TOBanksy The painting, which was partially torn apart by itself after being auctioned in 2018, is up for auction again.

His Hot air balloon girl will be put up for sale again at Sotheby’s with an estimated selling price of £ 4 million to £ 6 million – € 4.5 million to € 7 million. The painting will be up for auction again on October 14 in London, following a trip to Hong Kong, Taipei and New York.

On October 5, 2018, the painting was originally sold at the same location, only to then numb the art world as it seemed to self-destruct when the canvas was passed through a secret shredder hidden in the frame, resulting in the bottom half being ripped open and only the top of the girl’s head and red ball on a white background.

“It was not your usual sound at Sotheby’s,” Emma Baker– said the head of the sales department of the auction house, remembering the moment. “We were not familiar with sound, and everyone wondered, ‘What’s going on? “”

“We turned around and saw the canvas slip out of the frame through the hidden shredder, and we were completely puzzled. Everyone was shocked. “

The painting has been renamed. Love in the bin from the moment of grinding.

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