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hours later Chanel won Eurovision bronzewhen half of Madrid is looking forward to the hangover of San Isidro, Enrique Banbury announced that his “throat and breathing problems” were out of control and that, consequently, “with all the pain in my heart, I must foresee what I already saw as inevitable. I can’t do more gigs“. The tour for his 35-year musical career is renamed, after which considered at the end of FebruaryWhat last roundadvanced his death to 10 May, with fantastic show in Atlanta (USA) in which anthems such as “Stuck Mermaid”, “Salvation”, “Maldito Duende” or “Constant” were sung.

Pray on the topic that It’s better not to date your idols because, usually, supposed god turns out to be an asshole. Bunbury exposes, shreds and scolds this argument. I’ll never forget our first conversation on June 19, 2014, shortly after that bitch – said tenderly – Marisa Corral told me that I might not meet the singer for the entire duration of the tour:

-What do you do for a living?

– I just finished – I didn’t even dare to call myself a journalist.

– Licensing? In what?

In fact, I felt Moses from Astrakhan with mental retardation. Fortunately, my interlocutor did not behave like a relentless and deadly Yahweh. Actually I found myself one type worship, modest, generous and funny who shortly thereafter offered me his vast and tempestuous friendship. I do not devalue the word and imagine how proud I am when I say that Enrique Banbury is my “friend”. That’s why when I found out about the termination last roundwhile I was killing time in a nightclub full of Wax Museum mannequin opponents, I didn’t just regret it as a fan: the news didn’t touch who I listen to, as long as I know I’m writing, cleaning, or (pseudo) a chef, but someone I love and admire.

Sometimes these days I wondered if this was a partial suspension, I remember: “From now on, endless possibilities open before me, of which creativity is a part, that is, writing songs, recording albums, drawing and writing collections of poems. my goals,” the artist himself did not predict in his last songs. Involuntarily, I rememberedI’m not going to stay here too long / I left and came back / just for you. / I know where the exit is, it’s inside”, from “Anyone in their right mind (would be crazy about you)” or from “And I’ve given up too much in recent years / doing my best / for a modest result”, from “Conditions my surrender.” Turning speculation while listening to “My Possibilities (Interstellar)”: “I am responsible / what I write and say; / what you understand, No“Of course, the last Banbury was not mysterious or elusive. Alas, I mean his latest posts.

Will it be a toreador back and forth? Will there be a sign Miguel Rioshow did i read it? Now is not the time to ask yourself these questions. It is worth wishing him not a quick – what a mania with spontaneity – but a deep and complete recovery. It should be remembered that Banbury does not leave us orphans of his artas he rightly pointed out in February. “And you and I / will meet again / every time,” he sings on Guess. Until then, that is, until he wants to, let’s enjoy his bright legacy, let’s rehabilitate him and be grateful, at the very least, for the services rendered.

And everything else too. How not to!


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