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“Balloon Girl” famous Banksy returns to the hammer-Zimo News

At auction in London on Thursday, the artist Banksy’s “Dance of Balloons”, which caused a sensation due to partial self-destruction three years ago, is about to fly away at Sotheby’s auction.

This version of “La Fille au Ballon”, renamed “Love is in the Bin”, is estimated to be between 4 and 6 million pounds (4.6 to 7 million euros), depending on the auction house.

The price that may exceed expectations is four to six times the price reached when it was originally sold to an anonymous collector who was prepared to perform very elaborate operations.

This work was unveiled at the 2018 auction for the last time and shocked the world.

As soon as the hammer rang, the shredder hidden in the frame shredded the lower part of the canvas. The picture was a little girl releasing a red heart-shaped balloon, leaving the balloon intact with a white background.

With this resounding action that caused a real earthquake in the art world, the street artist aimed to condemn the “commodification” of art.

In the press release announcing the auction, Sotheby’s referred to the destruction as “the most spectacular art event of the 21st century” and classified it as a “reaction from the (Dada and Marcel Duchamp) movement). Institutional Art Heritage”.

-British favorite-

“On this surreal night three years ago, I accidentally became the privileged owner of +Love in the Trash+”, the buyer recalled, quoting in the Sotheby’s press release announcing the auction, “but It’s time for him to give it up.”

Even before this global notoriety, “La Fille au Ballon” first appeared on the wall of London’s South Bank in 2002, and it has become a favorite work of art by the British. .

On October 1, 2021, Banksy’s diptych “The Girl with the Ball” was exhibited at Christie’s London (AFP / Archives-Linda ABI ASSI)

On Friday, the double version of “La Fille au Ballon” will also be auctioned in the British capital, this time at Christie’s auction house.

The painting was produced in 2005 and is divided into two parts, and is estimated to be between 2.5 and 3.5 million pounds (2.9 to 4.1 million euros).

Since this glorious time, Banks panicked and auctioned his work at a record auction. In March last year, the canvas “Game Changer” commemorating nursing staff during the coronavirus pandemic was sold at Christie for £16.75 million (19.5 million euros).

Banks is famous for the series of graffiti that appeared on the building. This Bristol-born artist maintains the mystery of his identity, likes provocation and thoughtful thinking.

In 2005, he painted “Flower Throwers” on a wall in Jerusalem, depicting a masked protester preparing to throw a bunch of flowers.

The artist also uses his graffiti bombs to express his opposition to Brexit, support for immigration, or warn of climate emergencies.

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