Bale’s transformation in Los Angeles: happy, scoring goals… and only wants to speak Spanish!


gramAret Bale enjoys football again after several years in the background RealMadrid.

The Welshman gradually became a minor figure for Los Blancos, but everything changed after moving to LAFC in MLS.

Since debuting against Nashville on July 17, everything has changed. bale. He came off the bench in the 72nd minute but showed some real quality moments in his 20 minutes on the pitch.

He came off the bench in the next match, scoring a goal LAFCA 2-0 win and showing that he still has the physical skills to impress.

Bale’s long-awaited home debut came on 30 July, and although he again failed to make the starting XI, he came out in the 63rd minute as LAFC registered a 2-1 win.

He scored again in Los Angeles’ last game in a 4-1 win over Royal Salt Lake. Although all of his two goals in four matches came from the bench, bale you showed that he hasn’t finished yet.

Bale is happy

It looks like the Welshman has found his fortune in the MLS. The change of scenery helped him feel valued again.

In the first days from LAFC, – he shouted into a megaphone, urging fans to celebrate the victory. He became the life of the party, something rarely seen in Spain…

During RealMadridDuring a recent US tour, Bale visited his former teammates. He chatted and laughed with them, seemingly content to be away from the rivalry of European football.

Now he likes to speak Spanish

During my nine years in RealMadridBale was rarely heard speaking Spanish. Reports stated that he failed to truly understand the language, which was one of the reasons he never settled in Los Blancos.

However, teammate Ilie Sanchez says Bale tries his best to speak Spanish with him and the other South American players on the team.

This is further proof that Bale has changed. The sad and depressed Welshman disappeared and the new Bale landed in the MLS.


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