Bale’s Day of Fury

Mmeeting with I raised do not keep good memories for Gareth Bale, with its infamous day of rage coming on February 24, 2019, against Las Granotas

WITH real Madrid forward, it would seem, again in favor and a starter for Carlo Anchelotti, it is worth remembering that infamous day.

Bale felt uncomfortable with his situation with the Spanish giants at the time and finally exploded against I raisedas he could no longer contain his feelings.

He scored the winning goal from the penalty spot and celebrated very angrily by dodging congratulations from his real Madrid teammates.

BaleThe flash was rigged a few minutes before he stepped onto the field, as soon as he stopped warming up after not being the first to be substituted.

He just sat down on a bench under the pretext that he needed a bottle of water just to be introduced Santiago Solari

The former Southampton Academy graduate started the 2018/19 season with all his virtues: Zinedine Zidane left, Cristiano Ronaldo left and was the hero of the Champions League final in Kiev.

Anyway, Bale did not take the expected step forward and was unable to become the leader of the team, which led to the situation overwhelming him for several months.

Balethe surge was the beginning of a situation that ultimately proved untenable, especially when Zidane returned for a second period as head coach and as we know it ended with a loan to Tottenham Hotspur.

Now back to real Madrid and seems to be pleased with the coach who believes in him, Bale will play against I raised once again, returning to the scene of his greatest controversy, but the feelings could not have been more contrasting.

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