Balel, the hat shop in Madrid that conquered Queen Letizia


The hat shop in Madrid that conquers Queen Letizia It has its own name and a nice story behind it, Balel. This store is the favorite for those who want to arrive at any official act, wedding, baptism and communion, labeling style. A moved or hat beautiful is a guarantee of success, it gives us a touch of distinction that can stop being the one that crowns us as the most elegant. If you want to imitate Queen Letizia in their clothes or you simply want to discover one of the best hat shops in our country, head to Balel.

This is Balel, Madrid’s hat shop that conquers Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia is a great lover of details. In all his public excursions, he appears with an accurate picture based on the base. From head to toe, she is always looking for the best brands and garments that are combined with each other, benefits her and can show off her splendor. If it is also Spanish garments or accessories, it will be an ambassador or discoverer of brands that we may not have known.

Balel is one of the few hat stores that has succeeded from his workshop in Madrid all over the world. Specializing in luxury hats, handmade and of the best possible quality, behind this company lies the dream of a woman who has created a successful brand and seal from scratch.

Isabel Terroso left her engineering job to create your unique hat brand. Each of the parts that come out of his workshop is unique and adapts perfectly to his customers. It is the maximum expression of one of the accessories that returns with great force. As we have seen in Doña Letizia’s outfits around the world, hats in the style of the 30s, 40s and 50s, which stand out with elegance and glamor, are Balel’s specialty.

Dior or chanell they looked at the creations by Isabel Terroso that combines perfectly with her signature dresses. Balel creates hats for weddings, beautiful headdresses that are the complement that fits perfectly with a special dress or suit. With different prices, depending on the hat, each of them is a unique piece made with hands that collect retro catwalk designs. This hat shop has its own workshop and shop, from Madrid to the whole world it sends its creations to queens, princesses, celebrities and everyone who wants a very special accessory.

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