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Day after day, revelations about the situation and characters of the drama that took the life of a cinematographer on Thursday continue to emerge rust, At the shooting location, in the United States. According to the production company, the assistant director gave Alec Baldwin a gun that was supposed to be empty, but it accidentally caused the deaths of Harina Hutchins and the injured director Joel Suza. He was fired for an accident involving gunfire. Monday (October 25).

Dave H. “Being shot the road of freedom In 2019, a team member was slightly injured by accidentally firing a weapon. “, The producer of the film said that the film has not yet been released.

he “I was kicked out of the set immediately after the attached shot. The production did not restart until Dave left the scene.”, Added this source to Agence France-Presse (AFP), and pointed out that a written report had already been made at that time.

This weapon was used to “pass the time” before

The police investigation into the October 21 tragedy is still ongoing, and the responsibilities of the personnel at the Santa Fe (New Mexico) ranch where the tragedy occurred have not been clarified.

No lawsuit has been filed yet, but attention is focused on those who have handled weapons before the deadly shooting, especially Dave H., and the chief gunsmith of the shooting, Hannah G., 24 years old. Their roles are constant. Monitor the guns at the scene and check whether they are loaded at all stages.

according to pack, A website that specializes in entertainment, citing sources close to the shooting rust, The weapon that killed Halyna Hutchins was used a few hours before the team member’s fatal shot “Kill time” Shot of beer cans. However, the very strict rules of the film industry in this field prohibit any live ammunition on the set, precisely in order to avoid this type of accident.

Investigators were able to clarify the course of the incident only after hearing the opinions of various witnesses.According to early testimony, Alec Baldwin “Sitting on the bench in the church, he is practicing painting” Facing the camera. Director Joel Souza is looking at the shoulder of the 42-year-old photographer who was shot in the torso on Thursday and was pronounced dead a few hours later.

Shot in the shoulder, Mr. Suza said he heard the sound “The sound of the whip, big Saucepan When he stood behind the victim.After the filming, the producer “Grab your belly” And said she never felt her legs anymore, the director said, adding that she had “Starting to stagger backwards”.

“Cold weapon

The deputy director announced that the weapon is “cold”, Which means it should be empty, so it is harmless in movie lingo.However Joel Suza said “uncertain” The weapon underwent another security check after the team’s lunch break.

According to investigators, Dave H. said he did not know that there were live ammunition in the weapon. This gun was prepared by 24-year-old film gunsmith Hannah G., who put it and two other guns on a cart.

Serge Svetnoy, the chief electrician of the filming, condemned the “Negligence and lack of professionalism”, I feel she is too young “Become a professional in weapons”.

“In order to save money, we sometimes hire people who are not fully qualified for complex and dangerous jobs.”, He blamed.

Guillaume Delouche, a gunman who has worked in Hollywood for nearly 30 years, told himself “Very shocked” The man who had only two movies at that age, “Maybe the chief gunsmith of a movie that must contain a lot of gun battle scenes”.

“Pause, not end”

When asked about Baldwin’s treatment of guns on set, the photographer on the set, Reed Russell, assured the actor that he was cautious and cited a previous case in which he made sure that no child actors approached him when using guns. Reed Russell also clarified that this scene was not filmed because the team was preparing to shoot.

The play renewed the debate about team safety and the use of weapons on set. As of Monday afternoon, a petition on the website called for a ban on live ammunition shooting and improvement of the team’s working conditions. Nearly 29,000 signatures have been collected.

In the email sent to the members of the film crew rust Over the weekend, the film’s production team confirmed that the production of the western film would have to wait at least until the investigation was completed. The email indicates that it can be restored at some point. “Although our hearts are broken, it is difficult to see further, but for the time being there is a pause, not an end”, Have you written it yet?

Le Monde, Associated Press and Agence France-Presse

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