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While the end of the race might have been spectacular at the end of the Italian Grand Prix, the drivers eventually finished behind the safety car. The choice is reminiscent of Lewis Hamilton, who lost his world title in similar fashion in Abu Dhabi last year.

tifosi dreams of winning for Ferrari at Monza this Sunday.But Charles Leclerc couldn’t resist The Power of Max Verstappen, his eleventh Grand Prix winner of the season, his fifth in a row. However, in the final six laps after Daniel Ricciardo’s accident, everything could start all over again.

When the yellow flag was immediately lit, the safety car got off slowly. Precious time was wasted when the latter positioned himself in third in front of George Russell’s car, not ahead of race leader Verstappen. Mercedes asked the Briton to overtake the safety car, but there was no green light for the driver, no green light.

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bad memories of hamilton

Red Bull and Ferrari have recalled their leaders (Verstappen and Leclerc) to replace tyres in a bid to restart racing. Management took a different decision, however, and the last few kilometers looked like a simple parade of pilots crossing the finish line at a slower pace.The scene recalled by Lewis Hamilton in the final grand prix of last season, in Abu Dhabiin the final lap with Max Verstappen to decide the title, and finally crowned for the first time.

“It always brings back memories,” Hamilton said italian sky. The rules should be like this, right? » Views from Toto Wolff, who confirms that the rules have been “complied with” by competition management.On the other hand, the decision to finish the Grand Prix behind the safety car Hard to beat Ferrari…for Red Bull. “I don’t quite understand the end of the race. I don’t know if it’s so clear to people watching TV, but for me, there’s no reason to do another safety lap. I don’t understand my car,” Charles Leclerc said on Sunday. Canal +’s mic conceded.

“It was great to win the race, but we grabbed a finish for the public because we didn’t have time to finish the race. We went against the principle of racing without a safety car,” Red Bull boss Christian Horner put forward in front of the microphone at Canal+. She went Wrong car and went ahead of Russell. The team manager should discuss this with the FIA. We had a meeting with the FIA ​​so I think we’ll discuss it because we want to win this on the best possible terms game. »

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