Bad Bunny finally opens up about his relationship with Gabriela Berlingeri


bad rabbit was involved with many women, including gabriela berlingerisome claim that she is his girlfriend, he decided once and for all to confess his instagram live.

He gave an exclusive during a live broadcast on Instagram.

The Puerto Rican-based singer started a livestream on Instagram and said that the only relationship he has with Berlingeri is that of best friends and that they can both have a relationship whenever they want.

He spoke openly about his relationship with her.

“Gabriela Berlingeri and I are close friends, best friends, best friends… no one knows that we are best friends. If tomorrow she wants to have a boyfriend, she can have him, because we are friends, like me, if I want a girl that I can have, because we are best friends, ”

So, the idol of thousands stated that he does not have a girlfriend during an almost two-hour conversation in which he talked about other things, such as his personal life and his work.

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Why is Bad Bunny linked to Gabriela Berlingeri?

Rumors about Bad Bunny’s relationship with Gabriela Berlingeri began due to the fact that they were often seen together, the first of which was at the Billboard Latin Music Awards last year.

She could be one of his muses

She starred in several Bad Bunny videos and was a source of inspiration for him, they even lived together, but he made it clear that there were no sentimental ties between them, and they were just friends.

My private life is so private that they don’t know anything

bad rabbit

“Guys, you don’t really know anything. Gabriela and I are such close friends, we are best friends. People say Gabriela is your girlfriend, she is your wife; no one knows who Gabriela is; right now we are best friends. ,” he said.

In the presence of Gabriela herself, who was live with him, he sent a message to all his subscribers, noting that his personal life belongs only to him, despite the gossip or rumors that exist around his figure. “My personal life is so private that they don’t know anything.”


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