Ayuso takes a step in public health: what about the PSOE communities?


That Spanish public health is facing a problem of lack of resources that threatens to become structural is also evident that the left is desperately trying to claim the political leadership of Isabelle Diaz Ayuso instrumentalizing in a partisan way the protests of the medical collective in Madrid. In fact, the strategy isn’t new, as they’ve been doing the same thing for decades. Public health in Madrid is – it is an objective fact – in a better situation than other territories ruled by social communism, but for the left, the Ayuso government has led it to collapse.

It is a strategy of crude manipulation with no great impact, because if the apocalyptic drawing they draw were true, it would be impossible for Ayuso to have obtained the result obtained in the last regional elections, where he obtained more votes than the whole left together. Ayuso’s decision to end Madrid’s health contingency – at the end of the year 10,000 occasional healthcare professionals they will have become fixed and, throughout 2023 and 2024, they will amount to 22,390 – this is very good news because, surely, they will have taken social communism on the wrong foot. As the government of Madrid explained, all the temporary workers of Sermas who finish their contract on December 31 will become temporary, and this December they will be rewarded nearly 1,000 permanent positions for family physicians (609) and pediatricians (355). In total, by 2022, more than 10,000 Sermas professionals will have acquired permanent status, or 10,088. These are facts and those of the left are just inflammatory proclamations. It seems clear that the Ayuso government has made a move and announced a plan that could mean a qualitative leap in healthcare in the region. Now it’s on the left. Because the question is whether the communities where social communism rules will do the same or whether the left will continue to exhibit this gross hypocrisy of pointing the finger at Madrid’s public health system – which gives them fresh soups – to hide their shame.


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