Ayuso presents the Spanish Department to announce his role in the world


President of the Community of Madrid, Isabelle Diaz Ayusosubmitted this Monday Department of Spanish and Latin American Heritage of the Universities of Madridwhich was created by the regional government through the Knowledge of Madri+da Foundation. spanish office in order to confirm the role of this language “in the world” and its role as “motor, economic and social”.

In particular, this initiative will support university institutions in developing, from an academic and scientific point of view, the dissemination of knowledge about the relevance, heritage and richness of the language, as well as study of history and ties with other peoples and countries. “If the Community of Madrid is already the number one cultural center in the world, it is largely because we claim Spanish culture and language like no other and never before,” said Diaz Ayuso, emphasizing that this chair “promotes learning extraordinary potential that we share with the Mexicans, the Uruguayans or the Venezuelans.”

“We want Madrid to become the capital of Latin Americans, and have our streets, shops and our lives listen more and more to the musicality of Venezuelan Spanish, the elegance of Buenos Aires Spanish or the welcoming rhythm of Caribbean Spanish; in this Madrid mestizo that sounds like all Spanish accents“, he added in an act designed at the Real Casa de Correos.

This project aims to highlight the second most spoken language in the world with 580 million Spanish speakers. The institution has an honorary chairmanship Mario Vargas Llosacommitted to the promotion of the language and awarded prestigious prizes such as the Nobel Prize for Literature, the Cervantes Prize or the Prince of Asturias Prize for Literature.


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