Ayuso ends the strike of emergency workers in Madrid


The Community of Madrid reached an agreement with the doctors to end the emergency toilet strike. Among the commitments made is that of providing more staff to the old centers Rural care services (RAS) and Rural care emergency services (SUAP).

Specifically, four doctors will be assigned to 11 SAR centers, five to 27 others, and one of these establishments will have a staff of two professionals.

In the case of the SUAPs, it has been agreed that 10 centers have up to four doctors who will be reinforced at the weekend or five if they do not have this reinforcement.

In addition, an evaluation commission will be created to analyze and evaluate the care activity carried out in order to assess the number of staff assigned to each centre. This commission will meet every 15 days “until the final detachment and later if necessary”.

On the care model that is put in place in the health centers, the decision will be taken “within the sectoral health table”.

The agreement was reached at a meeting that it lasted seven hoursthe second that the two parties have maintained to deal with the reorganization of extra-hospital emergencies.

The strike committee of more than 200 doctors concerned by the reorganization of extra-hospital emergencies and the ministry have thus signed a commitment agreement which allows the cancellation of the strikes started on November 7th.

On Monday, it is planned to start, in addition, the indefinite strike of 4,240 family doctors and 720 pediatricians who provide primary care services in the region.


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