Ayatollah Khamenei, object of anger at Iran protests: They ‘cracked’ his speech on state TV


supreme leader of iran, Ali Khameneibecame the object of anger for many young people involved Protest against Massa Amini’s deathwith crying “Death of a Dictator” Or the “hacking” of his TV intervention.

“Your hands are full of the blood of our youth”saw some incredible viewers on national television’s evening news.

The national channel program showed that while Khamenei was intervening with a group of clerics, something no one expected appeared on the screen.

The image was changed to show Khamenei surrounded by flames with a rifle scope, while pictures of Amini and other young women killed in the protest appear below.

In addition, a voice in leave Recite the slogan of protest: “Women, freedom, life” over these images.

[Jamenei detiene cantantes mientras las estudiantes de Irán se quitan el velo y claman contra la dictadura]

When the image was cropped, the news host could be seen gesturing with regret: “Dear viewers, I invite you to watch the rest of the news.”

Hacker group Edalat-e Ali claims responsibility for the operationaccording to reports Eph.

Khamenei’s image is one of the targets of young people protesting since then Amini died on September 16 after being arrested.

One of the many protests across the country was “Death to the Dictator,” referring to the supreme leader. They also resonate with “death of Khamenei” or “death of Islamic republic”.

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At night, these cries rang out from the windows of houses in many neighborhoods in Tehran.

The 83-year-old religious leader resurfaced in mid-September after repeated reports and rumours about his ill health.

Despite numerous public appearances, Until October 3rd last yearafter two weeks of protests, When he finally mentioned Amini’s death. He then blamed the protests on the United States and Israel, although he called Amini’s death “heartbreaking.”

Amini, 22, died on September 16 after being arrested by Tehran’s so-called morale police three days earlier, on the grounds that she was wearing the wrong Islamic veil. Iran’s state-run forensic organization said Friday that Amini died of a previous illness, not a police beating.



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