Autumn fair with Las Ventas at 50%: Morante’s return, El Juli’s double, Ferrera’s lockdown and major absences


Madrid will hold another bullfighting fair and this time in Las Ventas. After the success of the test of the opening of the monumental from Calle de Alcalá at the beginning of summer, the company Plaza 1 has organized the autumn fair, in which some of the main characters will be present, but will also have notable absences.

The cycle runs from Friday September 24 to October 12spread over three weekends. One of the drawbacks to the elaboration of these posters was the coincidence with the San Miguel Fair in Seville that as a result of the April suspension held the same festivities in September and early October, plus the festivities already planned for those dates.

In this first Autumn fair of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a doublet of it Julian Lopez ‘El Juli’ in a season where he was the winner of the May 2 festival and one of the prominent names of the San Isidro de Vistalegre. Will also return Antonio Ferrera, who locks himself up with six bulls from Adolfo Martín to repeat the success of his solo bullfight in October 2019 and the recent of Mont de Marsan with the same bulls.

Another name to highlight is that of Morante de la Puebla in the year he chose to deal with cattle of different sizes. An example is the recent one of El Puerto de Santa Maria with Prieto de la Cal or the planned bullfights of Ana Romero, Galache or Miura. The cigar maker returns to Las Ventas after an absence of four years.

There will also be the bullfighters Jose Maria ManzanaresDiego Urdiales, Emilio de Justo, Lopez Chaves, Paco UrenaAlberto Lamelas, Juan Ortega, Gines Marin, Daniel Luque, Jesus E. Colombo, Miguel Angel Perera and Lopez Simon. Among the bullfighters Plaza 1 has Isaac Fonseca, Alejandro Fermín, Manuel Diosleguarde, Ignacio Olmos, Manuel Perera and Alejandro Adame.

In livestock farming they will be Victorian RiverJandilla, Fuente Ymbro, Victorino Martín, Antonio Lopez Gibaja, Garcigrande, Santiago Domecq, Adolfo Martin and Alcurrucen. A horseless bullfight is also planned for the winners of the Road to Las Ventas, which has yet to be designated.

Without Roca Rey or Pablo Aguado

When Plaza 1 announced the posters, one of the highlights was the absence of the main character of the moment, Andres Roca Rey, and one of the bullfighters expected by Las Ventas fans, Pablo Aguado. Both the Peruvian and the Sevillian will not be there as it has not been announced Alexander Talavante. De Badajoz returns to the French city of Arles on September 11 in a heads-up with Roca Rey and against bulls from Adolfo Martín, Garcigrande and Núñez del Cuvillo, but he won’t be in Seville or Madrid.

Other absentees are Manuel Escribano and Sergio Serrano, who stood out in Victorino Marín’s bullfight where the bulls returned to Las Ventas, any more than names like Román or Gonzalo knight, seriously injured in their final appearances at the monumental in 2019.

Ticket packages and subscribers

The company that manages the bullring on Calle de Alcalá, Plaza 1, also announced that due to the 50% capacity restrictions subscribers can keep their seats until 2022 and they wouldn’t lose them if they didn’t come along to the Fall Fair, as was the custom before the pandemic.

This is due to the fact that with the square at 50%, only about 11,000 tickets are available and the number of Las Ventas subscribers exceeds 15,000. In order to somehow reward the most loyal people, the ticket packages will be made available between September 1 and 12. The rest of the packs that remain available after the subscribers can be purchased through the official website and the counters on the square from 14 to 19 September and individual tickets from the 20 of the same month.

All posters of the Autumn Fair 2021

  • Friday Sept 24. Bulls from Victoriano del Río and Jandilla for Diego Urdiales, José María Manzanares and Paco Ureña.
  • Saturday 25 Sept. Steers from Fuente Ymbro for Manuel Diosleguarde, Isaac Fonseca and Manuel Perera.
  • Sunday 26 Sept. Bulls from Victorino Martín for López Chaves, Alberto Lamelas and Jesús E. Colombo.
  • Friday October 1. Sending Antonio López Gibaja for Alejandro Fermín, Alejandro Adame and Ignacio Olmos.
  • Saturday October 2. Garcigrande bulls for El Juli, Emilio de Justo and Juan Ortega.
  • Sunday, October 3. Bulls by Adolfo Martín for Antonio Ferrera, alone.
  • Saturday October 9. Last bullfight ‘Road to Las Ventas’.
  • Sunday October 10. Bulls from Santiago Domecq for El Juli, Miguel Ángel Perera and Daniel Luque.
  • Tuesday October 12. Alcurrucén bulls for Morante de la Puebla, López Simón and Ginés Marín.


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