Autonomous budgets: the “manna” of Puig investors in Alicante decreases by 250 million


The manna investor announced for Alicante in the Autonomous budgets of the Valencian government presided over by the socialist Ximo Puig by 2023 ha reduced in 250 million. The 610 million euros initially announced they stayed in 360, which will be those intended for territorialized investments, according to the calculations estimated by the spokesman of the Treasury of the Popular Group in the Valencian courts Rubén Ibáñez. 40% less in percentage and 250 million less in absolute numbers. After the fiasco of the public accounts of the Spanish government chaired by the socialist Pedro Sanchez With this territory, those of Puig do not help the situation.

The territorialized investments for the province of Alicante in the autonomous budgets prepared by the tripartite government of Ximo Puig -PSOE, Compromís and Podemos- remained at 360 million and include planned investments for previous years that they had remained in the inkwell. This is the synthesis of the criticisms made by the spokesman of the Treasury of the PP in the Parliament of Valencia ruben ibanezwhich is supported by other previous studies.

As a percentage and according to the study now carried out by Rubén Ibáñez, these 360.4 million euros represent 19% of total territorialized investments. A low figure but higher than that of Castellon, where the planned territorialized investments represent in absolute figures an amount of 78.4 million euros. Only 4.18%.

“Puig said that Alicante had 610 million euros in territorial investments and that is a lie. There are 360.4 million,” said Rubén Ibáñez. An argument put forward a few days ago by the also regional deputy of the Valencian PP of Alicante Jose Antonio Rovirawho accused Puig of ‘clearly lying to the people of Alicante’ for the same reasons that Rubén Ibáñez invokes now.

But Professor José Antonio Rovira added an additional factor, which is important. He recalled that the rate of execution of the accounts of the Generalitat Valenciana is very low, barely 20%, as he explained. Which, in his opinion, meant that the real investment in Alicante in 2023 of the autonomous budgets would only be 72 million euros.

The situation is beginning to recall that generated with the planned investments in Alicante by the state budgets of the government of Pedro Sánchez. Then it was the Institute of Economic Studies of the Province of Alicante (inec) who warned that investments per capita barely reached 84.5 euros in Sánchez’s accounts and that they were 198 euros below the state average.

This is the origin of a concentration promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante, the Valencian Business Confederation (CEV) and Ineca which brought together more than 2,000 people. Well above the latter due to fair funding sponsored by the Platform, which barely exceeded 350 people according to calculations from official sources.

It turns out that Autonomous Budgets, as published by OKDIARIO allocate 6,607 million euros to debt repayment. 23.23% of the total of this budget, of 28.438 million. These 6,607 million represent an amount greater than the budget of 11 of the 12 departments of the Valencian government.


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