Austrian blackout: the government is ready to let people live without electricity or water


Austria Prepare one Blackout“The question is not whether there will be, but when,” the Secretary of Defense admitted nation, Klaudia Tanner (Klaudia Tanner), she regrets that she thinks that the “real danger” is “underestimated”.

This country is walking ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic, Terror attack in vienna And cyber attacks, trying to make people aware of the next crisis.

The government launched a propaganda campaign that focused on advertising in major media and posters on the streets. The message is clear: You must get supplies at home to survive without water or electricity.

Fundamentally, the authorities recommend seizing Fuel, candles, batteries, canned food and drinking waterThe suggestion is to have enough reserves, which is equivalent to two weeks of camping.

It is also important to agree on a system of cooperation with relatives and neighbors so that no one is isolated or ignored.

No internet, traffic lights…

Power outages can be caused by different reasons, from technical failures to overloads caused by system peaks. An unlikely but under consideration motive is the “alien”.

If this happens, the Austrians will stay No Internet, no telephone, no ATMs, no traffic without traffic lights.

As a lieutenant colonel of the Efe agency explained, the barracks will become self-sufficient as early as 2025 and provide support for firefighters or health workers when terrible people arrive. power failureThe Army also conducted exercises and response exercises to take effective action when needed.

In this sense, in addition to supply problems, power outages can also cause the most sensitive infrastructure to be robbed and endangered. Avoiding their vulnerability is one of the main tasks of law enforcement agencies.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer warned Power outages are “one of the greatest threats in modern countries”.


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