Austria: Mosque Investigated as Hotbed of Anti-Semitism and Incitement to Jihad


Imagine the surprise of the Austrian authorities when they discover that anti-Semitism and jihad are not the province of a “small minority of extremists”, but are mainstream Islam and are based on Islamic texts and teachings. But by then it will probably be too late.

“’Damned Zionists’: Austrian authorities order investigation into rampant anti-Semitism at Vienna mosque,” ​​by Ben Cohen, Algemeiner,

Austria’s education minister has ordered an investigation into a Vienna mosque exposed as a hotbed of anti-Semitic and Islamist incitement.

Education Minister Susanne Raab said on Friday that the investigation into the Al-Hidaya Mosque in the Leopoldstadt neighborhood of the country’s capital was being launched in response to a detailed report on the mosque’s activities.

The 143-page report, compiled by the Documentation Center for Political Islam, a Vienna-based think tank, details the promotion of Muslim Brotherhood ideology by imam and mosque president Ibrahim al-Dermedash. . Examining the sermons delivered at the mosque, his social media posts and the offerings contained in his library, the report concluded: “All three areas show support for the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.”

Hamas, which rules Gaza, is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks the establishment of Islamic sharia law as the basis for political rule.

A sermon delivered by al-Demerdash predicted that the 2020s would be a decade of Islamic “revival” heralded by the destruction of the State of Israel, which he described as the “cursed Zionists.”

“In 2027, Israel will be wiped off the face of the earth at the hands of men devoted to Allah, a generation of youth whose hearts cannot be penetrated by fear,” he reportedly said.

The sermons delivered by al-Demerdash also contained visceral attacks on Muslims seen as ruthless.

“There are (among us) those whose heads are confused and whose faith is faulty,” he allegedly claimed, according to the Austrian news outlet Der Standard on Friday. “They don’t fully understand the issue because they make basic wrong assumptions and because they are infected by the secular and liberal way of thinking.”

The imam is also alleged to have justified sexual assaults by Muslim men against unwanted female partners. “The sexual rejection of the woman towards the man is only allowed if there is a medical or religious reason”, he is alleged to have said….


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