Aurora Culpo Says She Allowed Her Ex-Husband to Cheat Once a Year


Aurora Culpo, a lifestyle influencer and sister of Olivia Culpo, dropped a bombshell during FTA‘s The Culpo Sisters. Aurora revealed she let her ex-husband cheat on her de ella once a year with a “random” person. Unfortunately, their marriage began to fall apart soon after they had children. Here’s why she allowed the cheating and how she felt about it after they married.

Aurora received a DM about her husband cheating on her

Aurora Culpo | Patrick Whittemore/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images

Things hadn’t been going well in Aurora’s marriage for some time. However, she waited to tell her family what was going on because she needed time to process what was happening. Aurora eventually told Olivia and Sophia that she and her husband at the time, Mikey, were having marital issues. She explained they were “struggling with what marriage means.”


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