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It’s been in the air for days, Xavi wants it and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will be the first Gabonese to wear the colours of FC Barcelona. La Liga has just formalised the striker’s registration with the Catalan club, which has become unpopular in Mikel Arteta’s view.

Barca therefore got back the former ASSE player for free, and the Gunners released his contract. The Laval native has been contracted to Culés for 18 months. The deal is likely to please all parties. The former Gunner would fall into a broken club on offense and could address Xavi’s tactical issues. The latter wants it, so must be very satisfied. The Gabon striker will get playing time again, and as for Arsenal club, he will be able to turn the page and offload a huge salary.


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the Blaugrana! It has now been officially announced that the Gabon striker and former Gunner will end the season at FC Barcelona. He will discover La Liga and enter a very closed circle of players who have played in the top 5 European Championships.


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