AT&T stadium employee fought with woman as raiders beat cowboys


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11/27/2021 –

Footage surfaced concession booth employee at AT&T Stadium fights with a woman as with Dallas cowboys lost Las Vegas Raiders… In the clip, the employee jumps over the counter before slipping on the nacho and falling onto the deck.

It is not known how the fight began, which could easily have escalated into a fight. When two women pulled each other’s hair, another woman intervened on behalf of a fan and started beating a staff member.

Then a male colleague jumped over the counter and appeared to be about to try to stop the fight, but the second woman began to threaten him. I retreated but other fans finally made attempts to end the fight

Rage at AT&T Stadium

The Cowboys lost their third game in four weeks, this time with a single shot from a field goal. Derek Carr led the Raiders to a 33-30 victory. During the game, the Raiders player Roderick temer was kicked out along with the Cowboys protector Kelvin Joseph

After the punt left the field, Joseph knocked Timer to the ground, and the safety of the raiders quickly retaliated. The scuffle intensified as both teams surrounded the players in question and even left the referee. Tom Hill with a bloody chin.

Este Nfl There were many fan fights during the season, including at the SoFi stadium during Los angeles ramsloss for Tennessee titans… During this fight, one fan came down the stairs when another fan stepped on his face.

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