Atlético add Scaloni to list of candidates to succeed Simeone


The Athletic of Madrid joined the name of lionel scaloniselector Argentinato the list of candidate coaches to replace Simeon in case The Cholo decide to complete his stage in the rojiblanco team at the end of the season. The former Deportivo player creates an exceptional World Cup with Argentina, which he put in the World Cup final eight years later and is on the shortlist of candidates they manage in the Metropolitan to replace his compatriot.

In the dome of the rojiblanco club, Miguel Angel Gil and his advisers believe that lionel scaloniwho had played 36 consecutive games without losing with the Albiceleste and classified them for the final of the worldcould be the perfect replacement for Simeone in case The Cholo leave the Athletic at the end of the season. The directors of the entity Metropolitan They know it will be impossible to fill the void that will remain Simeon but the only way is with a top technician.

That’s why he Athletic noticed for the first time Mauricio Pochettinoformer of Tottenham and the psg among others, then in Luis Enrique, current Spanish coach. Both are coaches with daring proposals, but above all leadership coaches capable of scoring a three-in-one and seducing the locker rooms, the stands and the press all at once.

Scaloni, easier than Luis Enrique

But Miguel Angel Gil knows he would have huge competition to sign Luis Enrique Oh Pochettinotwo of the free coaches -if Luis Enrique left the most popular selection on the market, while scaloniwho still has no coaching experience on this side of the pond, would be much more doable.

Of course, there is one very important condition: scaloni renewed with the AFA before Qatar World Cup until June 2026, so it should be the Argentine coach who broke the tie with his team before he could become the hypothetical successor of Simeon.

Of scaloni He likes his youth (44), his character, which he has already shown since his football days, that his teams are tactically very powerful and that he is used to dealing with a locker room full of stars, start with the shining star. the brightest of all who is the Leo Messi. In the rojiblanco club they think that the bench of the Metropolitan It would fit you like a glove.


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