At least two people were killed in Sudan’s massive protests against the coup


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At least two people were killed this Saturday and several people were injured as a result of “gunshots.” Security forces confronting protesters During the massive protests in Khartoum Oppose the military coup launched last Monday, Report to the physician committee.

“The militias of the Coup Military Committee are now shooting at Um Durman and protesters in other parts of the capital. As a result, two martyrs were killed and several others were injured,” the organization said on its Facebook account, overthrowing the dictator since the revolution Omar Bashir In 2019, it followed the protesters and counted the number of victims.

The committee stated that one of the protesters was shot in the head and another was shot in the abdomen.

“We confirm that we and the revolutionaries are monitoring everything, and the whole world is paying attention to the crimes of the coup planners,” the organization said, adding “No criminal will get away with it”.

“The more crimes committed by the coup planners, the closer they are to being overthrown by popular anger,” he concluded in the message.

The disbanded Sudanese government Warning this Saturday The military and security forces believe that the use of violence in so-called large-scale protests will “backfire” against them.

Around 12.30 local time (10.30 GMT), the parade started in different neighborhoods of the capital and headed for the city center.

Various countries and organizations, such as America,as well as United Nations with European Union (EU), Calling on the military and security forces to avoid violence against the protesters. The protesters called for the restoration of the civilian government after the coup led by the military leader General Abdelfattah Burhan last Monday.

The United Nations Mission in Sudan also called on the protesters to protest peacefully.

According to opposition organizations and Amnesty International, since the day of the military coup, demonstrators and security forces clashed, causing at least 11 deaths and more than 100 injuries.

Al Burhan disbanded the transitional agency on the 25th and declared a state of emergency in the country after a month of tension between the military agency and the civil service of the government due to an alleged attempted coup d’état last month.

So far this year, there have been four Successful African coup. Last Monday in Sudan, Two in Mali (the last one in May) and a Conakry, Guinea In September.


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