At least seven people have died near Kabul Airport in recent hours


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At least Seven dead In the last few hours nearby Kabul Airport The British Ministry of Defence confirmed on Sunday that Afghan people tried to leave the country after the Taliban conquered.

“The local situation is still Extremely difficult, But we are doing everything possible to manage the situation as safely as possible,” the department added in a statement.

The British Ministry of Defence did not provide further information about these deaths, but Not the first warning At LAirport surroundings The international community moved in the last few hours.

The military responsible for the security of Kabul Airport.


The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan on Saturday advised U.S. citizens to avoid going to the airport because “Possible Security Threats”. In the past day, Thousands of people have tried New entrance to the airport, Was terrified by the continuous gunfire around the facility.

In fact, in the situation they described from Washington, the withdrawal of the Americans and their collaborators in military flights was slower than expected. “Very energetic”.

Earlier this week, the US Department of Defense pointed out that once the Kabul Airport is secured, its evacuation capacity will be between 5,000 and 9,000 people per day, but it has not yet reached this range.

A soldier guards a group of Afghans to be evacuated.

A soldier guards a group of Afghans to be evacuated.


“The worst day”

This Saturday, a witness from the British chain Sky news Speaking of a particularly critical situation, about “The worst day so far” Since the evacuation began.

Sources from the chain confirmed that many Afghans waiting nearby are already receiving medical treatment, and Shooting from around They are the work of the army that is clearing the area to “relieve pressure on the front line.”

A woman holding a girl in her arms at the entrance of Kabul Airport.

A woman holding a girl in her arms at the entrance of Kabul Airport.


On Sunday 15th, the United States announced that it would control air traffic at Kabul Airport in order to speed up the evacuation speed of it and its allies, but The complexity of the situation has been increasing day to day.

That morning, a large group of people began to arrive at the gate of Hamid Karzai International Airport, many of whom did not even have travel documents or visas. on Monday, Five dead When breaking into the airstrip trying to escape the country at all costs and other Wednesdays 17 injured Trample At the entrance of the airport, they died on Monday


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