At least 18 dead in clashes between dissident armed groups of the FARC in Colombia

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At least 18 guerrillas died in the Colombian department of putumayo in a confrontation between two groups of FARC dissidents, the Ombudsman’s Office reported this Sunday.

The entity indicated that the crash occurred on Saturday on the sidewalks The delights Y The pinesOf the municipality of Puerto Guzmanwhere “18 men died in the confrontation between the self-styled Border Commandos and the Carolina Ramírez First Front of the FARC dissidents.”

The information added that, according to the authorities of Puerto Guzmán, the bodies of the deceased guerrillas were taken by the community to the cemetery of the José María hamlet “waiting for the judicial authorities to come to the sector to carry out the necessary technical lifting of corpses“.

According to InSightCrimethe Border Commandos either Mafiaas they were previously known, are a group made up of FARC dissidents and demobilized paramilitaries United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) who seek to maintain control over drug trafficking in lower Putumayo and the border with Ecuador.

The Front Carolina Ramirezalso called front oneis made up of dissidents from the same guerrilla group that did not accept the peace agreement signed in 2016.

The Ombudsman’s Office added in its information that it has urged illegal armed groups on various occasions to show gestures of peace that allow the progress of the total peace talks that the Government of the Colombian president has been proposing, Gustavo Petro.

He also recalled that these events are the consummation of the risks warned by the Ombudsman through the Early Warning 001 of 2021 due to the presence of these two illegal armed groups in this municipality.

With regard to total peace, the Colombian government and the guerrillas of National Liberation Army (ELN) will sit down at the table again on Monday, this time in Caracas, to resume peace negotiations.

In this initiative, Petro not only seeks to dialogue with the ELN but also pursues some agreement or submission to justice from other illegal armed groups, such as the FARC dissidents and criminal gangs.