At Least 1 Duggar Family Member Is Planning to Read Jinger Vuolo’s Tell-All


In 2020, Derick Dillard claimed he would pen a tell-all book about life inside the Duggar family. Derick doubled down a couple of months later and insisted his wife, Jill Dillard, would be co-authoring the non-fiction work. Their book has yet to materialize. Another Duggar, however, is set to release a non-fiction offering that promises to dive deep into the Duggar family. Jinger Vuolo’s tell-all, Becoming Free Indeed, is set to be released in January 2023. While the Duggar family hasn’t spoken much about it, one family member insists they are excited to read what Jinger says. Family followers aren’t convinced that’s a good thing.

Jinger Vuolo will release a book about her upbringing in 2023

Jinger Vuolo and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, have spent years trying to make it as influencers. They’ve had a pretty bumpy road thus far. The couple might be hoping a solo non-fiction offering from Jinger will change all of that.


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