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She did not miss any topic that caused Beijing’s anger. Hong Kong tramples on freedom, the former student leader Luo Jianhua once said. Occupied Tibet is represented by Bian Ba ​​Tsering, chairman of the central government in exile. The persecution of Uyghur Muslims in China was triggered by the radical musician Rahima Mahmut. Finally, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu clearly reviewed the threat to democratic Taiwan in a video conference.

At the first meeting in Rome on Friday, October 29, the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance of China (IPAC) was hit hard. This network of approximately 200 representatives and senators from all parties and many countries was born in 2020, which is the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown on June 4.

On Friday, IPAC was supported by Taiwan’s Minister Joseph Wu, whose unproven presence in Brussels caused concerns among ministers to get out of control. “IPAC is heading in the right direction, Did he declare. Similarly, the European Union [UE] The pledge to strengthen political relations with Taiwan is a historic milestone. The European Commission also expressed support. We must continue. “

The Taipei representative reviewed the record of the Chinese military’s military invasion of Taiwan’s defense zone this year and the relentless political pressure. “China is trying to destroy democracy. Taiwan is on the front line. We can’t let this happen. I encourage congressmen to come.” Together with him, this week hosted two other Taiwanese ministers and business leaders in the Czech Republic. Wu emphasized that his government is encouraging investment in Europe, especially since the EU-China trade agreement was frozen, China has imposed sanctions on European parliamentarians in response to the EU’s decision to support the trade agreement. Uyghur. “What China did so only strengthened our determination on human rights issues.”, Noting the goal of Beijing, the Belgian deputy Samuel Cogolati (Samuel Cogolati).

“It depends on actions taken by Parliament”

As the British conservative Iain Duncan Smith emphasized, IPAC took advantage of the G20 meeting in the Italian capital this weekend, even though it still knew it could hear its voice there.The Brexit figure, the maker of the 2019 Boris Johnson campaign, regrets seeing China “Despite massive human rights violations, they are still treated like a normal country in the G20.” And add in the address of the head of state: “If you don’t want to talk, it doesn’t mean that these problems will disappear!”

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