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Until then, it can only be watched by subscribing to EuroLeague TV. Asvel’s European games will also be broadcast on OLTV from Wednesday. Additional links between the two clubs in Lyon.

Asvel supporters will have a new option to watch their team play in the European League: through the Olympique Lyonnais TV channel OLTV. The two clubs announced on Tuesday that they have reached an agreement with the European League, and Aswell’s next 30 European games will be broadcast on the channel. The partnership will take effect from Wednesday, because of Aswell’s game against CSKA Moscow (8pm).

Since the start of the season, the Europa League has not been broadcast on any French channels. In order to be able to watch the game, you must watch it via EuroLeague TV with a subscription. OLTV is also a paid channel.

Asvel and OL go hand in hand

This new partnership marks a new reconciliation between the two Rhone clubs. Tony Parker, President of Asvel, is considered The main candidate to succeed Jean-Michel Olas, On the head of OL. “Now, Asvel and OL are in the same family. OL has entered our capital for two and a half years and everything is going well. I hope that Jean-Michel will be with us for a long time. And he wants someone to replace him On that day, if he wants to be me, I hope he will be proud. Anyway, I’m ready,” he said on Canal+ in mid-October.

Five days later, Aswell ranked 6th in the European league rankings. After three consecutive victories, Lyon lost two consecutive games. Maccabi Tel Aviv And Milan. But Italy’s defeat should be viewed in a correct way. Facing the undefeated Milanese, Aswell nearly made this feat last Tuesday (73-72).


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