Asturias will spend 840,000 euros a day on addiction treatment – EFE News


Oviedo (EFE).- The 578 million euros that the Ministry of Social Rights and Welfare will have in the 2023 budget – almost 20% more than this year – includes 307 million for dependency care, a figure which represents a daily expenditure of 841,000 euros, more than half of the 1.5 million that this department will spend per day.

These data were provided today by the head of the ministry, Melania Álvarez, during her appearance before the Finance Commission of the General Assembly of the Principality, where she stressed that the “historic maximum” devoted to compliance with the dependency law next year It will mean that more than a billion euros have been devoted to this objective throughout the legislature.

According to Álvarez, it is a “social and progressive budget that responds to the most vulnerable people”, which deepens territorial cohesion, contributes to meeting the demographic challenge “and adds to the common objective of revitalizing the economy. “.

According to him, the accounts prepared by the government, which have practically guaranteed their approval with the support of the IU and the mixed group, deserve “a broad agreement, far from tactics, glued to reality” that “the Asturians deserve, the social services entities, the professionals who take care of thousands of people every day and the companies that keep the social services system alive.

Transformation of the model of care

In addition to dependency, the adviser pointed out that the major objectives for 2023 go through the transformation of the EHPAD model so that the autonomous organization ERA (Accommodation establishments for the elderly) increases its budget by more than 7 percent. to rise to 177 million.

Likewise, he stressed that he will strengthen inclusion policies since he has 72 million for the social wage, reinforced by the supplements provided for in the Law of Guarantee of Vital Rights and Benefits; with the supplement for housing rent, to which 1 million will initially be allocated and the increase of 6.5 million in the energy guarantee, which will be extended to 30,000 families.

To these figures is added the guarantee for minors placed in foster families, which increases by 16.57% and reaches 2,299,400 euros, as well as the increase in the municipal staff of social services with approximately 45 soldiers for monitoring social and professional integration measures. , to which 1.8 million will be allocated.

In addition, the Directorate General for Housing will double its budget to 79.3 million, which will increase by 31.7% the funding allocated to the promotion of social housing; tripling rehabilitation projects and increasing the repair of public parks by 23.5%.

The ministry’s accounts also include direct aid of up to 1,500 euros for families with children under four who live in municipalities without public nursery schools or who have not been able to obtain a place there with an income ceiling. family of 45,000 euros. ECE


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