Asturias receives 39.4 million to offset the costs of CO2 emissions – EFE News


Oviedo (EFE).- Asturias will receive 39.3 million euros under the compensation mechanism for indirect CO2 emissions allocated to industrial companies, or 16.15% of what was allocated by the Ministry of ‘Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

The industry granted a total of 244 million euros in aid to 212 industrial facilities, including ArcelorMittal, Asturiana del Zinc, Saint Gobain, Asturiana de Aleaciones or Ence, according to the resolution, the ministry reported on Tuesday.

Among the most profitable companies are Asturiana de Zinc and ArcelorMittal, with 19.5 and 17.1 million euros respectively.

By sector, the largest amount corresponds to the steel sector, with 37.5%, followed by paper, with 18.6%, and aluminum, with 15%.

The purpose of this call is to offset the indirect costs attributable to greenhouse gas emissions passed on to the price of electricity, borne by the industrial consumer.

The industry stressed that this aid shows “the government’s commitment to strengthening industrial capacity and employment in a key sector in Spain, at a time when it is necessary to increase the weight of industry to accelerate the economic and social recovery”.

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, said that “the competitiveness of big industry is one of the priorities on the government’s agenda, in addition to guaranteeing a price of competitive energy”. ECE


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