Assistance Rebate Programs: Who will receive this $300 payment on May 31st?


Andcome at least stimulus check are no longer sent out by the federal government, several states still send out such payments to residents in need. One state for this Delawarewhere a one-time check for $300 will be sent this May.

The plan known as Delaware Rebate Program 2022was adopted on 14 April and signed Governor John Carney.

The idea is for a one-time $300 check to be sent to everyone who filed a 2020 tax return in the state, with the money expected to be in the mailboxes by the end of this month.

“This aid is designed to help Delaware residents face higher prices at grocery stores and gas stations,” the government said in a statement.

“The State of Delaware is working hard to issue one-time $300 rebate checks to taxpayers by the end of May 2022.”

Who is eligible for a $300 stimulus check in Delaware?

The check is available to anyone who paid state taxes in 2020 and continues to live in Delaware.

It’s not just for low or middle income families, as the amount is the same for everyone.

How do I apply for a $300 stimulus check in Delaware?

“This payment will be made to every taxpayer, including those who filed jointly, and taxpayers do not need to take additional steps to receive a $300 check,” the government explained.

So for those who have not heard of this scheme, the receipt of the check will be just a pleasant surprise.

Checks must be mailed to the address listed with the Delaware Revenue Department.

If you think you should receive a check but haven’t received it by mid or late June, we recommend that you contact the Delaware Department of the Treasury at or call 302-577. -8200.


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