Ashtrays: my cycle is over and it’s time to take over


Logroño (EFE) .- The president of the PP of La Rioja since 2017, José Ignacio Ceniceros, made his post this Thursday available to the national leader of the popular, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, assuming that his cycle “is over”.

Ceniceros announced his resignation, which is “a considered decision”, during the meeting of the Regional Executive Committee during which he proposed the former Minister of Education Gonzalo Capellán as the PP candidate for the government of La Rioja to the May 2023 elections.

“I normally assume that my cycle is over and it’s time to take over new people and teams who run the day-to-day of the game, a task they can always count on me to do, should they need me, he pointed out in a note.

“I leave the presidency, but never from a party to which I have dedicated so many years of my life,” said Ceniceros, who thanked his family, colleagues and friends for the support shown during these years. political career, especially in this last stage.

He is convinced that his resignation is “the best thing” for his party, of which he has been a member for nearly four decades.
He recalled that in January 2020 he had already announced his intention not to run again for the presidency of the PP of La Rioja.

On this date, he declared that his only ambition was “to temporarily pilot this project towards a safe port, not of arrival, but of departure towards the future”.

Mission accomplished

“Although this period has been longer than desired, I have tried to carry out this responsibility that you have entrusted to me with the same dedication as always, guided by the sole objective of serving the people of La Rioja of our party” , did he declare.

From now on, the objective of which he spoke in 2020 being “achieved”, with a new direction to face the electoral appointment of May, he considers that “the time has come to withdraw”, since “those responsible for steering this new stage deserve maximum freedom in making their decisions.

The statutes of the PP provide that, at a future meeting, the Regional Executive Committee must choose among its members who should lead the party and submit this proposal to the Regional Board of Directors.

José Ignacio Ceniceros (Villoslada de Cameros, La Rioja, 1956) was elected president of the regional PP on April 1, 2017, during the last congress held by this political formation and in which he prevailed over the mayor of Logroño and today Secretary General today. of the popular Cuca Gamarra.

He was president of the government of La Rioja between 2015 and 2019 and of the regional parliament between 1999 and 2015; as well as a senator between 1989 and 1993 and between 1995 and 1999; and has been a regional deputy since 1995.

He was also secretary general of the La Rioja PP between 1988 and 1990 and between 1993 and 1999. EFE.

By Ana Lumbreras


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