Ash Ketchum wins the Pokémon World Championship!


The news immediately spread through the streets of Kanto.

It was 25 years ago Ash Ketchum, known as Satoshi in Japan, first set out to become the best like no one else. However, being the best like no one else proved to be a daunting challenge, and despite all his achievements, the 10-year-old he could never reach the top Roomto memon League.

But as an inspiration for all of us not to be scared of losing and instead to use this experience to develop as a person, he stayed in his dream. In result, On the evening of November 11, Ash finally won the Pokto meMon World Cup.

The message of victory

In the exciting Pok. six by sixto memon battle, inexplicably – still 10 years old Ash has managed to use his – spoiler alert! – the last Pikachu to defeat the previously undefeated champion Dande’s Charizard.

Leon (left) or “Dande” as it is known in Japan, and Ash (law) with their respective Roomto meMon below

Immediately after the victory, the latest news was broadcast to the public in the streets of Shibuya in the heart of Tokyo.

Although he has held up a fairly good position over the years, it was not until 2019 that Ash achieved his first real win in the form of an Alola League Championship. This seemed to give him the confidence he needed to advance to the World Cup. The announcement made passersby notice the unprecedented victory, and even the online Ash was the city’s toast.

“Congratulations Satoshi!”
“I’ve also seen the messages on the Yamanote line.”
“I wish I had been to Shibuya when the news came out. It’s history in the making.
“When Satoshi won, I felt a little bad about all his old Pokto meMon
“But it’s like a spoiler for terrorism. Not everyone could watch it in good time. “
“Although he has just won the championship and is still not the strongest coach. His journey will continue until he is able to surpass Dr. Orchid.

While this last comment sounds a bit harsh, it’s true that Ash’s mission is to become Peaceto memon Master, not Roomto meMon Master. This is probably not the end of his animated adventures.

Nevertheless, this victory will undoubtedly help him achieve his goal, and strong opponents will seek him and support money rice balls and fashion will roll in.

Source: PR times, Oricon news,
Paintings: PR times
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