Asensio: ‘I feel very comfortable with Luis Enrique’s confidence’


Marco Asensio spoke to the media after the resounding victory of Spain versus Costa Rica. The national team began its journey in the Qatar World Cup with a historic result. never before Selection he had scored seven goals in a date of these characteristics. The player of real Madridwho scored a goal, explained that the confidence that Luis Enrique gave him was very important.


“I feel very good. Yesterday a very good game came out of the whole team and I’m happy with the goal. I’m adapting to what Luis Enrique asks of me and I’m very happy with it.


“Sometimes it’s surprising that at 18 he does what he does. Outsiders may be surprised, but those of us who are in his daily life know what he is capable of.


“A World Cup is always important for any player. For me, this is very important and this is how I will deal with it. I appreciate it very much.”

The World

“I’m fine. Ready for this big challenge. The goal is to get as far as possible in this World Cup and focus on that.”

to rent out

“In both praise and criticism, everyone has to trust who we are as a group. There can be no excess of euphoria or relaxation.”


“I support myself in the family, but I also try to learn when things go wrong. You have to be self-critical and analyze the situation well. I try to follow the path that I have set for myself to achieve the objectives”.


“From day one he told me that I could play in different positions. Out of nine everyone must respect their space. We play as a team and he asks me to be coordinated.”


“They are a powerful team, with great players. We will face it with the utmost seriousness. We know it will put us in trouble. We have to play our game and aim for the three points.”


“What we want is to win the next game against Germany, making sure we qualify for the round of 16. We have already met them in the Olympics. It is very difficult to beat. I know Kubo and we know he is a very dangerous player. We hope to be above them as a team.”

The key to success

“What characterizes us the most is that we are a team and that we all go together. We are playing very good football and we are in a good moment.”

The confidence of Luis Enrique

“If it’s true that last season was good, even if I didn’t have continuity. This call from Luis Enrique made me very excited, I took advantage of it, I really wanted to come back and I am very happy.

Spain level

“The World Cup is very close. Football is becoming more and more balanced. We have to focus on what we do and on the game in Germany. We will see it, but we have maximum confidence in our team, in our team and in what we do.”

The past

“You have to learn from everything, from the bad to the good. I have matured a lot both personally and professionally.

What does Luis Enrique ask of the striker?

“In defense, he asks us to be very attentive because we are the first defenders. May we be the first to press”.

lower the pulse

“It’s a bit of a mixture of the experience he has as a player. He knows how to convey and transmit the message to footballers very well. We like what he tells us and he makes us all go into the Same direction.

managing emotions

“Yesterday’s match reaffirms us and confirms that we must continue in this line. Such a result gives us a lot of confidence and we have to focus on continuing the work.”

Experience with young people

“We tell them to try to do what they know. We must all continue on the same line and work to the maximum”.

Luis Enrique as Coach

“As a group and individually, we are very focused on what we are doing. He explains his game idea, how he wants to attack and how he wants to defend. He is very demanding in all positioning of all players.


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