As the Twitter deal hangs in the air, Elon Musk shows off his father’s body in Mykonos.


B.millionaire Elon Musk was seen wearing nothing but shorts and sunscreen (hopefully!), while a Twitter buy order is still running.

Musk visited the Greek island of Mykonos

He and a small group of friends were seen in yacht mode, laughing, swimming, sipping champagne and pretty much having a great time.

Among his friends were the newly married Ari Emanuel and Sarah Staudinger; together they sailed the beautiful Aegean near Izmir, the Turkish city founded by none other than Alexander the Great.

They were on board the Zeus

Elon Musk: Twitter Deal Temporarily Suspended

Since the yacht costs only $20,000 per week, it can accommodate about six guests in three cabins, as well as a crew that will take them anywhere.

Those who have had the opportunity to be on a boat know that jumping from a boat into the sea is one of the greatest pleasures in life, as Musk did, and immediately after he returned to the ship, his buddy Ari doused him with a hose, to get rid of everything. excess sea salt.

What’s going on with the Twitter deal anyway?

In short, Musk wanted to buy Twitter for $44 billion, and then, after long negotiations with the board of directors, he refused. Sources say it appears Twitter hasn’t been very clear about how many of the platform’s accounts are bots, raising a red flag for the Space X founder’s keen sense of negotiation.

Musk said they were acting “in bad faith” and decided to walk out of the deal, making everyone who was going to make a profit sweat millionaire bullets.


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