As Elon Musk Prepares to Close Twitter Deal, Reigning to Shake Hands on Right-leaning Tech Mogul

As Elon Musk Prepares to Close Twitter Deal, Reigning to Shake Hands on Right-leaning Tech Mogul

elon musk looks ready to get your hands on excitement: The richest in the world Agrees to original $44 billion purchase from his favorite social network after a three-month legal battle trying to break the deal. And this has renewed concerns among some that Twitter will make radical changes to its content moderation policies, leading to a flood of right-wing misinformation and harassment.

Musk said on Twitter on October 3rd: will continue with the takeover at $54.20 per share. Deal could close by Friday, CNBC reported.

When Musk announced his $44 billion deal for Twitter, he said he was primarily concerned with protecting “freedom of expression” on the platform. criticized the company for allegedly having a left-leaning political bias.

Musk is also on Twitter. Donald Trump’s permanent ban was “morally bad decision” and “absolutely wrong” and said that as the owner of Twitter, he would reverse that. Twitter, along with other major internet platforms, Banned Trump shortly after the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021citing its policy against incitement to violence.

Musk’s stance caused the right to rally around the possibility of owning Twitter and alarmed those on the left.

“From the very beginning, Elon Musk’s desire to take over Twitter was about furthering his own red-haired ideological agenda,” Angelo Carusone, president of the nonprofit watchdog Media Matters for America, said in a statement. According to Musk, Twitter “if it keeps even a small part of its promise, it will become an extremely powerful engine of radicalization.”

“In fact, Musk will turn Twitter into a fire swamp filled with dangerous conspiracy theories, partisan trickery and operational harassment,” Carusone said.

Jessica González, co-CEO of the progressive advocacy group Free Press, on Monday Musk took to Twitter to propose a solution to Russia’s war against Ukraine that “reads like Putin’s chief propagandist wrote.” In a poll, Musk asked his followers, “Should the will of the people living in Donbas and Crimea decide whether to become part of Russia or Ukraine” and stated that Crimea “officially is part of Russia, as it has been since 1783. ” he had suggested. (until Khrushchev’s mistake).”

In a statement, González said that Musk “does not routinely demonstrate that he is able to protect or care about other Twitter users or that he respects their right to free speech.” “Rather, he used the platform to attack people, often launching grumpy broadsides against anyone he didn’t like or disagree with. And he regularly gathered a Twitter mob of loyal fans to follow his lead with more violent threats and bullying.”

“Maintaining everyone’s ability to participate and speak on online platforms requires careful supervision,” González continued. “Musk’s taking the company private will likely threaten that view and make the platform even more toxic to its users and the public.”

Also under Musk is the women’s advocacy group UltraViolet, which envisions a nightmare scenario for Twitter. “If this deal happens, Twitter will become an even more dangerous place for women, threats of online violence against Black women and women of color will increase rapidly, and anti-trans content will take over user streams,” said Bridget, UltraViolet communications director. Todd.

As of press time, Musk has not tweeted (or otherwise publicly commented) on Twitter’s decision to proceed with its $44 billion acquisition. As a result of the ongoing merger and acquisition drama, Musk’s Twitter followers, up from nearly 80 million at the beginning of April, have now grown to 107.8 million.

Analysts say that if Musk actually closes the Twitter deal, his #1 job will be to gain the trust of the company’s employees. Then Musk has repeatedly denied Twitter and its executivesDuring the acquisition saga of the last few months, including CEO Parag Agrawal. In June, Musk gave Twitter employees a virtual Q&A. “rationalization of staff numbers” and saying, “Anyone who makes a significant contribution should have nothing to worry about.”

Forrester research director Mike Proulx said that for Musk, gaining the trust of his Twitter employees “is no small task as it starts with a large trust gap.” “Twitter’s future is bleak without a committed employee base, and there’s a lot of repair work to be done there.”


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