As despair and robbery intensify, Haiti continues to search for missing persons


A week later 7.2 magnitude earthquake South of HaitiThe chances of finding landslide victims alive are decreasing, and the despair of the most affected population is increasing, and with it the robbery of food trucks.

Since Wednesday, the authorities have not updated the casualty figures, and it is speculated that they are 2,189 people were killed, 12,268 were injured, and 332 were missing Then notify.

Possibility of finding four living people under the rubble of a house in the city LesquesIn the areas most severely affected by the earthquake, hundreds of onlookers were watching the work of experienced rescue volunteers from the Lostopos brigade from Mexico this Saturday.

As despair and robbery intensify, Haiti continues to search for missing persons

The brigade consisted of eight experts who arrived in the country, supported by two Haitian rescuers, and began working on the scene at 9:00 pm on Friday after the discovery. Four possible survivors They used the scanner, but after 16 hours of hard work, they left the scene.

Before the final reading, the team turned to the machine to remove parts rubble And can use the life locator to further descend the rest of the structure to confirm the “presumptive positive”, because the search equipment can be changed by various factors.

The leader of the organization, Luis Alba, is optimistic about the chance of finding someone alive. “This is especially true for Haitians, who are very strong,” he told Efe. “It has been proved in the 2010 earthquake that after more than a week of women leaving and students leaving, teachers left. Of course, We totally believe“The expert said.

This time there is no happy ending, but the “moles” are not discouraged and will continue to conduct new search operations in another collapsed building because Time against Possible survivors.


For thousands of needs Humanitarian aidThis situation led to the looting of humanitarian aid trucks, which occurred on Friday and Saturday this week. The Haitian government “strongly” condemned the attacks and robberies in the Camp-Perrin, Duchity, and Rivière Glace areas this Saturday. These attacks were targeted on Friday.

At least one that day Attempted assault Another heavy vehicle of the World Food Program, this Saturday, the most desperate population continued to forcefully grab food.

At the Saint Jean des Cayes school, thug They robbed an unmarked truck containing mineral water, pasta and condensed milk, and threw glass bottles at reporters with a camera.

In a country with a large population, various humanitarian organizations and governments of different countries continue to provide assistance, but the rate of assistance is too slow to alleviate the needs of so many people. Undernourished population.

In addition, after 7 days, Aftershocks of different intensitiesThey are still visible in Les Cayes, and many families continue to sleep on the street even though their houses have not been completely destroyed.

Homemade awnings and tents made of wooden sticks, fabric and plastic continue to provide shelter for people throughout the city, especially around the Gabion Stadium, where there are camp Since the earthquake, hundreds of people have been homeless.

According to the latest data provided by the Civil Defense, 52,953 houses destroyed 77,000 people were damaged in the strong earthquake, and 650,000 people needed emergency humanitarian assistance.


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