As defeated Canelo confirms rematch against Bivol, Golovkin will have to wait his turn


BUTAfter the shocking result of Canelo Alvarez, he knew that he could have given more to this fight, from physical preparation to his fighting technique, so they are already looking forward to a rematch.

Revenge was already in the contract

Even before they signed the contracts, they were already contemplating a rematch, so they added a clause that if Canelo Alvarez lost, they both agreed to a rematch soon. Canelo was the biggest favorite in the match, so he immediately said, “It doesn’t end here,” and right there in the ring, with Bivol by his side, he put the point into action and mentioned that he was looking forward to it. Bivol immediately agreed and did not refuse the offer.

We can expect Canelo vs Bivol II.

Bivol outclassed Canelo, and the latter lacked not only the technique but also the physicality to take on a much heavier fighter, Bivol, who is 19-0 and 11 KOs, earning 15 pounds after the weigh-in.

Canelo’s jabs just couldn’t get past Bivol’s defenses and the physical aspect of the fight was more than obvious. After that loss, Bivol is now 20-0 and Canelo is 57-2-2 and his place as the best boxer in the world regardless of weight class is yet to be discussed with a high probability that he will lose that too.

Being a very competitive boxer, Alvarez wanted to prove that he could give more than what he had already done in the ring, which is always a gamble.

What about Golovkin vs Canelo?

If Canelo won, the next challenger would be Gennady Golovkin for the third time to settle the score once and for all, since GGG won the first time, the judges ruled in favor of Canelo in the second fight. in a very controversial fight and it had to be the final fight to determine who was the best.


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