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Sometimes you should not be fooled by appearance. There is no doubt that this is what Nicki Clawson learned from the incredible experience she had the opportunity to live a few years ago.

In 2018, Nicki Clawson and her family became the foster family of a cute puppy named Cookie. Boxer. Apparently, even if she knew it was a bad idea, Nicky still liked cookies every day. Unfortunately, a few months later, the time for farewell is approaching.

Biscuit family

It was NorthWest Boxer Rescue who warned Nicki that a family would adopt Cookie and give her a lifetime home. This is good news for this dog who was wandering when he was rescued.

Although Nikki knew in her heart that being adopted by Cookie was a good thing, she couldn’t help crying for four days when she thought of separating from him. But on D-day, you must make up your mind to say goodbye to Cookie. Therefore, Nicki accompanied Cookie to the NorthWest Boxer Rescue shelter with the opposite mood so that he could meet his new family and get to know each other. Nicki knows very little about this family, only that Cookie’s future mistress is an old lady.

A huge surprise

Once there, Nicki was surprised to find that there was no one at the meeting. Then she checked the time, waited a few minutes, and decided to look up the phone number of the new cookie owner to call them and confirm that there was no problem. It was there that she felt the shock of life. What is in front of her is not the phone number of the future master, but hers!

In fact, under very confidential circumstances, her husband and the members of the asylum prepared this surprise and announced to Nicky that she would formally adopt Cookie and would never leave him again. Nicki was in tears, couldn’t believe his eyes, and couldn’t hide his emotions and joy, as you can see in the video below.

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