artists vs. Celebrities: the details of the 30th anniversary of the charity match


Richy Castellanos once again organizes the charity match artists vs. Famous. But this year is not one more as it commemorates its 30th anniversary. Once again, it will be the Atlético de Madrid stadium, the Cívitas Metropolitano, the stage that will host this event. The date has already been set for a long time: the next Saturday December 17 at 2:30 p.m. hours, after the match between Atlético Féminas and Real Betis on matchday number 13 of the Women’s League.

Famous, in an edition of the Famous vs. Artists / Gtres

How will the game be? What does it consist of and why do they meet? Who will be the stars? They are questions that looks He has sought an answer, speaking with the organizer of the event: “I am very proud because this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Artistas vs. Famous. My great friend Miguel Ángel Gil, CEO of Atlético de Madrid, gives me his stadium and opens its doors to me. That is why I want to thank you from herefor the kindness of letting me do and host this wonderful match”, Richy Castellanos begins by saying.

For this edition there will be a large group of participants: “There are 30 years of matches and each time they have gotten better. I am very happy because it is the one that most artists come per square meter. Actors, dancers, presenters, soccer players, etc. come, and for a good cause, for the Down Madrid Foundation». Among them there will be no shortage of the main banners of Spanish bullfighting.

Richy, surrounded by the bullfighters Miguel Abellán and Finito de Córdoba / Richy Castellanos
Richy, surrounded by the bullfighters Miguel Abellán and Finito de Córdoba / Richy Castellanos

There will be no shortage of unmissable moments within the solidarity match: “The big surprise is that the kick-off will be done by the legendary Paulo Futre, the world champion Vicente del Bosque and the great actor, in which they will be supported by the mayor José Luis Martínez, Almeida, Miguel Ángel Gil, Enrique Cerezo, José Antonio Camacho, Bernd Schuster or Paco Buyowho will be coaches, ”explains Castellanos.

artists vs. Celebrities: the guests who will play the match

Richy Castellanos advances some of those who will not be missing: “Many artists from different fields will come:”Iván Sánchez, Goyo Jiménez, Adrián Lastra, Millán Salcedo, Daniel Guzmán, José Luis Pérez Caminero, Óscar Jaenada, Stool, Joaquín Cortés, Rubén de la Red, Kiki Morente or Paco Pavón and Martín Vázquezamong others”.

To those already mentioned, we must add the luxury names that have also given their yes to Richy Castellanos and that you can discover in the video above.

Ortega Cano does not miss it

One of the most media faces that has wanted to show its most supportive side has been Jose Ortega Cano. The right-hander is a regular at this event, as well as a great friend of Richy Castellanos, who explains his link to this discipline: “My father and my grandfather were bullfighters and the tradition continues. I really like the bullfighting of a genius like Alejandro Talavante, who comes to play. Also being with Gonzalo Caballero, Pepín Liria… it’s a pleasure to see them in pants and a football shirt. Ortega Cano is not going to play, but he is going to make an appearance and support the cause”.

José Ortega Cano, during a charity match / Gtres
José Ortega Cano, during a charity match / Gtres

About the bullfighter, Richy only has good words: “Ortega Cano is a wonderful person, I know him from when he was with Rocío Jurado. He is a person of his word, he does not have a double edge and when he says that he is going to a place, he is going to go ». In addition, she reveals a surprise that she has prepared for him: “His son will come because he plays for Atlético de Madrid. I have made a T-shirt for the little one, which he will like ». Regarding his media impact, the organizer points out that: «The important thing is that you have to understand that he is a very media person but he has his freedom. If someone wants to have a bad intention of his image, he has to defend himself. But he has been a great figure in bullfighting and I am grateful that both his son and he come and contribute their grain of sand to the foundation Down Madrid», ends.

Tickets for the Artists vs. famous can be acquire on the Atlético de Madrid website and are valid for both the league clash and the subsequent charity game.


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