Artist Sean Scully and his family leave Barcelona, ​​fed up with nationalism: “We couldn’t handle this shit.”

Two internationally recognized artists, painters. Sean Scully and Lillian Tomasco they packed their bags and left Barcelona. V nationalism and language immersion are the reasons for your move. As they stated in an extensive interview in Financial Times, the atmosphere in Barcelona became unbearable for them. “It was a decision prompted by the rise of nationalism in their favorite city,” the British newspaper said.

Scully is an Irish American and renowned plastic artist who has worked between the United States and Europe. He worked as a professor at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts throughout the season, and in 2015 opened the Sean Scully Art Space, a permanent installation at the desacralized Monastery of Santa Cecilia in Montserrat. Tomasco, a native of Switzerland, has exhibited his work in many cities in Europe and the United States.

An English newspaper defines the Scully-Tomasco family as follows: “For this multicultural couple with studios and homes in New York, London, Munich and Berlin and now Aix-en-Provence, the arrival of their son Oissen in 2009 changed him way of thinking about the world “

Both are currently preparing a joint exhibition in the United Kingdom, the reason for interview in Financial Timescollected Global Chroniclein which they condemned toxic environment caused by nationalism in Catalonia

“In Barcelona, ​​you went to meetings and they spoke entirely in Catalan, as if to say, ‘Fuck you! “Scully told the aforementioned media. His partner adds that he was told at school that his little son should speak Catalan. “It was too much and it was impossible,” says Tomashko. Climax – Scully in an energetic tone: “In the end, we couldn’t handle Barcelona because of this shit.”

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