Arrest of Britney Griner in Russia won’t prevent WNBA players from going abroad


TueThe NBA players were unwavering in their belief in what happened to Britney Griner in Russia will not weaken their desire to take their sports talents abroad.

Women’s basketball stars are paid far less than their NBA counterparts, but the really big names in women’s sports have been able to earn over a million dollars by moving to a foreign team, most likely Europe.

Griner has been in custody in Moscow since February as she spent the American offseason playing in Russia to supplement her income.

Jonquel Jones is another player who hopes to use her talent in Europe as she moved to the Turkish team in the off-season, but she spoke about the situation with Griner.

“What would make me feel comfortable returning to Russia?” Jones reflected in a New York Times interview.

“First of all, BG is at home. Relations between the US and Russia are improving.

“The war in Ukraine is over.”

When Jones was forced to play overseas again, she quickly dispelled any misgivings people might have about her after the Griner situation.

“There will always be some risk associated with being in a foreign country,” she continued.

“But there are risks in your own country, we have a very short or small window to earn the money that we earn abroad.

“So we have to make sure we capitalize on that.”


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