Arizona gun dealers accused of selling weapons, sued by Mexico

The Mexican Chancellor, Marcelo Ebrard, spoke during a press conference in Ciudad de México.

The Mexican government has sued five Arizona-based gun dealers, alleging they are responsible for illegal arms sales in Mexico.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in US District Court in Arizona, alleges that gun dealers “participate” in the sale of weapons and firearms to Mexican companies by supplying gun dealers. Traffickers are helping to fuel deadly cartel violence in Mexico, court alleges.

“We are suing them because it is clear that there is a pattern, we argue that it is clear that there is a sale of arms and that it is known that these guns are going to our country,” Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said in a shared video. Twitter on Monday.

“If we don’t stop this proliferation of weapons in Mexico, how can we stop the violence here?” Ebrard said.


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