Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner survives an assassination attempt after a gun was stuck in her face


Cristina Fernandez de Kirchnervice president Argentinawas accidentally rescued from assassination attempt on the night of this Thursday, September 1, in front of his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In a video posted on social media, the official is seen getting out of the car as a man walks up to her and points the gun right at her, a few inches away from her. However, he was can’t shoot gun, apparently because it was poorly loaded.

The security personnel accompanying the vice president immediately reacted and detained the alleged aggressor, although if the weapon had worked and fired, they could not have prevented the attack on the wife of the former president. Nestor Kirchner.

The first reports indicate that the aggressor is a citizen Brazilian origin and that the gun he tried to fire had five bullets in it.

Strong condemnation of the attack on Cristina Fernandez

In a message to the nation President Alberto Fernandez published a message expressing his “strong condemnation” and declared this Friday, September 2, a public holiday for no other reason.

He described the event as “extremely serious” and “the most serious thing that has happened since we restored our democracy.”

He pointed out that: “Christina remained alive because, for a reason not yet technically confirmed, the weapon, which had five bullets, did not fire, despite the fact that it was lowered.”

He also mentioned that “such a reality moves the entire Argentine people, and in particular those of us who are her comrade, and accepts it in solidarity with all our love.”

“This attack deserves the strongest condemnation of the entire Argentine society, all political circles and all the men and women of the Republic, because these events affect our democracy.”

And he added: “We have an obligation to restore democratic coexistence, which has been disrupted by hate speech spread from various political, judicial and media spaces of Argentine society,” she concluded.

A few minutes after the attack attempt Government of Venezuela condemned the attack as “vile”.

“On behalf of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, we reject the heinous attack on Vice President Cristina Kirchner by an individual who tried in vain to shoot her,” Foreign Minister Carlos Fara wrote in his Twitter account a retweet of the dictator Nicholas Maduro.

The Venezuelan government reiterated its opposition to “this act of violence” and expressed its solidarity with the “brave Cristina”.

In the same tone, the former president Bolivia, Evo Moralesalso condemned the events with a tweet:

“We condemn the cowardly assassination attempt on our sister Cristina Fernandez. All our solidarity with the Vice President. The Great Motherland is with you, sister. Right-wing criminals and slaves of imperialism will not pass. will defeat him.”


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