Argentine government tired of Ayuso talking about Peronism: comparing her to ‘thief’ Macri


Isabelle Diaz Ayuso Since she violated the first political line, she has been a leader with huge national repercussions, although her power ended within the purview of the Community of Madrid.Her speech can now be heard on the other side of the Atlantic, as in Europe, where she has spoken out against Pedro Sanchez. Here’s the news from Argentina for the past few hours.government Alberto Fernandez He had just made a statement to her: he did not like to criticize Peronism.

During a regular press conference in Casa Rosada, a reporter asked the presidential spokesman, Gabriela Cerrutiabout some of the demonstrations by Diaz Ayuso in Madrid’s parliament this Thursday defend its fiscal policy: “I refuse to think that Peronism will destroy Spain’s economic engine.” He believes that Sanchez intends to create “dependence on the state” among citizens through poverty. “They take money from people and, like the Peronists, distribute it among payments, aid and subsidies.”

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Ceruti responded: “The president of the Spanish capital mentioned Peronism after a meeting with the former president of Argentina. Mauricio Macriif Mrs. Ayuso thinks Spain has macroism better than Peronism, we must remind her that Argentina’s macroism has left us $40 billion in debt, a country that is in debt for the next 100 years, 50% inflation And unemployment is very high.”

“Ayuso is being investigated”

For the spokeswoman, “In fact, Peronism has nothing to do with what Mrs. Ayuso expects from her country, because Peronism defends the rights of workers, women, those with less wealth, and wants A country where everyone can achieve their well-being without. Depends on where they were born.

Cerruti, who attended the appearance with information and ammunition against Díaz Ayuso, also mentioned Macri, remembering that the former president “is under investigation because during his administration many businesses were for his family. of”. “If I understand correctly – he continued – Mrs Ayuso is being investigated by the European Prosecutor’s Office because the business of the chinstraps was carried out by her brother at the height of the pandemic in her country.”

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The fact is that the latest information about Thomas Diaz Ayuso It’s June, contrary to what Cerruti pointed out: Anti-corruption prosecutors file lawsuitWhether the senior Argentine leader is aware of this fact, he has already addressed: “Maybe the question of leaving everything to the rich and leaving the state-owned enterprises to the family is something that Mrs. Ayuso and Macri have in common.”

Macri, a regular resource for Fernandez executives, pointed to the past as he faced a tough economy. Fernandez himself has repeatedly accused his predecessor of being “corrupt” and a “thief”.



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